An inventory is a document that not only lists the contents of a property but provides a detailed description of the interior and its contents including their condition. When a tenant signs the inventory it becomes a legal binding document stating that the tenant accepts the contents and condition of the property on the date of signature.

We will report back to yourselves any defects we may find at the property during our compilation in order that arrangements can be made for any problems to be rectified before your tenant takes occupation of the property.  This reduced inconvenience for both yourselves and the tenant.


We will meet the tenant(s) at the property where they will inspect the property using the inventory provided. Any possible differences will be noted and the tenants will sign the inventory to say they accept its contents. We will also agree with the tenant the relevant meter readings and pass over any other relevant documentation provided e.g. gas safety certificate and instruction manuals. We will also take the time to explain to the tenants how appliances work and point out any little quirks with the property e.g. if a window opens a different way to normal or how to set timer clocks.
We will also hand over the keys provided to the tenant and ensure they sign for them so there is a record of how many keys have been given. We will also explain to tenants what will be required of them when they vacate a property i.e. how the property should be left.

We will also report back to yourselves any defects we may find at the property and any other action required by yourselves to comply with current regulations e.g. a copy of a current gas safety certificate.


We will meet the tenants at the property and inspect it using the inventory signed on commencement of their tenancy and any notes provided e.g. maintenance completed during the tenancy. We will note any differences to the property and submit a check-out report to the agency/landlord. We will also check for cleanliness, damages, missing items and items left that require removal and submit this information within our report.

Whilst compiling our report we will allow for fair wear and tear which is paramount when deciding whether something is damaged or in the condition through fair wear and tear. This could prove very valuable should a dispute arise and experience in this field is essential. In the event of a dispute a landlord cannot replace an old item for a new one if it is damaged as this may be classed as betterment. Fair wear and tear has to be calculated and an acceptable compromise reached in these cases.

Routine Inspections

Most agencies carry out visits to properties on a three or six monthly basis and this can be a very time consuming process. We visit the property and compile a report which details its cleanliness, condition internally and externally, any damages noted, maintenance issues requiring attention on behalf of the landlord, whether there are any pets or smokers at the property and our opinion as to whether it is in a condition suitable to allow the tenant(s) to re-let the property for a further term.

Inventory Updates

This is a service where we update the inventory, as the title suggests. With the exception of properties that have altered to a great extent, we can update your inventory at either check-in/out to ensure it is accurate. We will only complete updates on inventories provided by us.